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Discover Conil

A Hidden Treasure Amidst Lanzarote Resorts

Conil: A Closer Look


In the serene shadow of the Timanfaya National Park, Conil stands as a beacon of Canarian tradition and charm. With its dramatic location among the volcanic mountains, it serves as a tranquil escape from the world.


Every gaze towards the horizon promises spectacular Atlantic views. And for the adventurous souls, whether you're into hiking trails or savouring the taste of local wines, Conil sets the perfect stage.


Need a touch of mainstream beach life? Puerto del Carmen's vibrant beaches are conveniently close.

Conil : A Closer Look

Travel Tip: Conil is easily accessible from the airport and nearby towns.


It's just a 9-minute drive (8.5km) from LANZAROTE AIRPORT (ACE) - ARRECIFE AIRPORT , and the regular bus route Líne 19: Arrecife - Conil - La Asomada connects Conil to other key destinations on the island.

Bus Route to Conil

Shopping Avenues & Markets


From basic essentials to artisanal treasures, the areas around Conil cater to every shopper's needs:

  • Conil's Basics: The local supermarket is compact but adequately stocked.

  • Tias Town: Just down the road on the bus, it has larger supermarkets and delightful specialty stores like traditional butchers and bakeries.

  • Puerto del Carmen's Biosfera Mall: For a modern shopping experience.

  • Saturday Arrecife Market: Dive into the local culture with crafts, souvenirs, and the freshest of agricultural delights and on the No.19 bus route.

shopping in Conil

Gastronomy & Nightlife


Indulge in Conil's sole yet iconic restaurant, Casa Juan Ramon. This local gem showcases Canarian flavours, and its walls are adorned with messages from diners worldwide.


For a wider variety, Puerto del Carmen offers a fusion of local tapas bars and world cuisines, not forgetting its fresh seafood by the harbour.

The Mesmerizing Beaches


Lanzarote's azure coast beckons:

  • Puerto del Carmen's Sandy Havens: Ideal for relaxation or engaging in watersports.

  • Playa Chica: A snorkeler's paradise, teeming with vibrant marine life.

  • Playa Quemeda: Escape the touristy hustle and embrace pure, untouched nature.

Gastronomy & Nightlife

Fun Activities for Families

  • Rancho Texas Park: Witness exotic wildlife, enjoy horse rides or join in the evening for Western-themed entertainment and a hearty Texas BBQ.

  • Water Adventures: From boat rides to Fuerteventura to diving excursions.

  • Adrenaline Rush: Race at Puerto del Carmen's go-kart track or challenge the family at mini-golf followed by ice cream rewards!


Must-Visit Spots


Conil's surroundings are an explorer's delight:

  • La Geria Wine Region: Explore the vineyard-adorned colonial mansions and relish wine tours.

  • Timanfaya National Park: A surreal volcanic landscape. Don't miss the El Diablo restaurant's geothermally-cooked delicacies.

  • Las Grietas & Los Hervideros: Witness nature's might in these fascinating rock formations, where crashing waves offer a visual and auditory treat.

Family activities Lanzarote
Must visit Spots



Dive into the charm of Conil and discover a side of Lanzarote that seamlessly fuses tradition with nature. Whether you're a solo traveler, a family, or a couple, Conil and the surrounding resorts in Lanzarote promise memories for a lifetime.


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