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As the chief curator, I Nigel Clarkson are founder of Let's Go Lanzarote, on a mission to develop a comprehensive platform dedicated to our top vacation spot, Lanzarote, a place we love!


My wife and I frequently visit, making our way to the island for the last 10 years at least a couple of times annually. Conveniently, it's a 4 and a half hour flight for my family and me to fly to Lanzarote from Manchester Airport.

Lanzarote offers the perfect setting to unwind, bask in the sun, and momentarily escape the rigorous demands of my professional routine.


The allure of spending a rejuvenating week or two in a luxurious villa on this captivating island is irresistible. Over time, we've explored many of its renowned resorts and share numerous firsthand accounts of our Lanzarote adventures. We love it.

Nigel owner of Lets Go Lanzarote

How did the website come to be?


I, Nigel Clarkson am a seasoned internet and marketing connoisseur with a rich 20-year digital journey and an expert in making travel websites.

I have proficiency in SEO and various mediums, such as radio and video creation. In addition, I holds a diploma in Technical Illustration from B&FC, dated 1980. Each website featured has been crafted utilizing the Wix platform.


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Throughout our numerous sojourns, we felt inspired to curate a portal to assist others, furnishing them with insights and invaluable recommendations about one of the most tranquil islands in the Atlantic.

Lanzarote, although close in proximity to Fuerteventura and Tenerife, offers a distinctively unique charm. We often perceive Lanzarote as an oasis of serenity, where visitors can immerse themselves in a less commercialized, heartwarming vacation experience.

This picturesque island, marked by its dramatic northern terrains and a plethora of over 100 sandy enclaves, emanates warmth and hospitality. The amiable locals have always greeted us with warmth and respect, making us feel at home amidst the island's splendour. It's this sense of peace and retreat from the UK's daily grind that draws us back time and again.

While we cherish moments of repose at our villa, we're equally fond of leisurely walks across Lanzarote's abundant beaches.

Spanning 37 miles in length and 12 miles in width, Lanzarote stands as a pristine jewel in the Spanish Atlantic archipelago, easily ranking among our top vacation haunts. The island promises a blend of scenic coastal trails, ancient historical sites, and archaeological wonders. Visitors are spoilt for choice with 20 picturesque resorts, ranging from the charming village of Teguise to the bustling hubs of Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

From our inaugural visit, Lanzarote's allure has beckoned us annually.

Through this platform, our aim is to present you with a treasure trove of firsthand experiences. Lanzarote’s pristine beaches invite relaxation, allowing you to bask under the sun and savor the azure waves, all while indulging in delectable seafood paired with a rejuvenating sip of Sangria.

We hope this website serves as a useful compass for your Lanzarote adventures. Stay tuned as we continually unveil more gems from this magnificent corner of the globe, our beloved Lanzarote



Nigel Clarkson

Manor House, Frobisher Drive, Lytham St Annes FY8 2RG UK

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